• I continued to wonder what exactly I had done to deserve a woman like Valerie. Nothing, probably. I observe the world as it unfurls, I thought. Proceeding empirically, in good faith, I observe it. I can do no more than observe.

    Platform by Michel Houllebecq

  • RapidWeaver + plugins = blog

    I’ve put together a development blog using RapidWeaver plus the Stacks, Foundry and Alloy plugins. The development blog is just a test, but the design will be used as the framework for other projects. With RapidWeaver and its plugins it’s pretty easy to quickly create fresh designs. I basically started with a blank slate and...

  • A list of Amazon RSS feeds for 2019

    Unfortunately Amazon no longer provides RSS feeds. This seems to be a new trend and a number of sites, including news organizations, are discontinuing RSS feeds and making it more difficult to track information and get updates across the Internet.

  • Printable Bonnaroo schedules for 2019

    For some reason festivals don’t provide schedules formatted for printing and I usually make my own printable Bonnaroo schedules. This year a couple of other people have done the heavy lifting already, so I’m sharing links here to the ones I’ve found. All of these were originally shared through the Reddit Bonnaroo group.

  • While Google and Facebook have siphoned ad dollars away from all publishers, local news publishers have been the hardest hit. The tech giants suck up 77% of the digital advertising revenue in local markets, compared to 58% on a national level, according to estimates from Borrell Associates and eMarketer.

    The Wall Street Journal