• Once again I can't get Jekyll to work on a Mac

    I’ve tried a couple of different times over the years to install Jekyll on Macs, but I can never get it to run. The various online support cures are not effective and, honestly, it’s not worth the effort if I can’t get it to work correctly on install. I’m not confident I won’t run into future problems. But, I’ve...

  • My reading habits have completely changed

    It has been hard to concentrate on reading books during the COVID-19 crisis. I’m finding I can read more escapist books, so I’m turning to science fiction and mysteries to get by. It’s the reading equivalent of passing on the broccoli and grabbing a bowl of ice cream.

  • Off to a start

    This is the first post of this blog running Jekyll on GitHub. Here we go.

  • How to find your 2019 Shopify Payments 1099-K

    If you use Shopify Payments, you may wonder where to find the 1099-K you need for your business taxes. Shopify does not make it easy to find, but with the help of Shopify’s chat support I was able to navigate to the form. I’ve outlined the steps below to find your Shopify 1099-K.

  • Review: The Deserter

    Nelson DeMille is back with another thriller, sharing writing duties with his son, Alex DeMille. In The Deserter, Army criminal investigators Scott Brodie and Maggie Taylor are trying to track down elite Delta Force officer Captain Kyle Mercer, who walked way from his post in Afghanistan.