WordCamp to go: Improving site performance

While things are fresh in my mind, and because I told a few people I would, I have jotted down some notes I took away from WordCamp Birmingham last weekend. I had intended to make one post, but after getting into it I saw it would be more useful if broken up into several posts. First I’d like to congratulate the organizers on a first-rate event and point out the event was worth many times the $40 it cost me to attend.These notes are simply things that were new or important to me and do not begin to cover all of the information offered. I’d recommend watching the SlideShare presentations for more details. Today I’ve including my notes for improving site performance. I’ll follow up with posts on web typography, marketing for bloggers and finally a collection of useful links I jotted down.

Improving Site Performance

If you are interested in optimizing your site, I’d recommend going through Syed Balhki’s SlideShare presentation. There is a lot of great advice in there and it applies to any CMS. I plan on putting a lot of it to use on one of my Drupal sites.

Some notes:

Syed’s wpbeginner looks like it’s worth visiting, as well, for information on all-things WordPress.