VAIO con Dios

I think I may have killed my beloved VAIO laptop. Yesterday afternoon I tried adding a external monitor to extend my desktop, but after rebooting neither the laptop monitor nor the external monitor would work. After spending a good part of the day futzing with it, I have come to the conclusion that I somehow damaged the graphics card.

Because the VAIO was my main work and production machine it has caused me a great deal of stress. Luckily I had a good backup of the hard drive and it should be salvageable anyway. Today I am installing my work software on a desktop we had in another room and trying to get my operation back online as quickly as possible. I should be completely back in action by tomorrow.

Because copying files and installing software consists of hitting a few buttons and watching progress bars, it has felt like a free day. I’ve made the best of it by streaming Netflix in the background as I work.