UNSUB review: A fast-paced thrill

Meg Gardiner’s psychological thriller UNSUB moves at a fast pace as the heroine, Detective Caitlin Hendrix, becomes obsessed with the Prophet, a killer who reappears after a 20 year hiatus. Inspired by the Zodiac Killer, UNSUB (Dutton, digital galley) pits Hendrix against a serial killer who enjoys taunting police.

The case is particularly personal for Hendrix because she grew up with first-hand knowledge of the original murders. Her now-retired detective father worked the first series of killings during her childhood and he may hold the key to solving the new murders.

Though some of the Prophet’s antics are over the top at times, Gardiner does a fine job detailing police procedures, making them believable. As all good detective novels do, UNSUB picks up momentum at the end, making it difficult to put down.