Tuesday journal

Daniel Milnor posts a thoughtful essay on “competitive travel.” I don’t agree with everything he says, but this should get you thinking about what motivates you to travel. Related: Travel photos are underrated.

The study claiming Google made $4.7 billion from news is incredibly flimsy.

Cory Doctorow says regulating tech companies only makes them stronger. He suggests fostering competition by making it legal for third parties to interoperate with big-tech data.

Every HBO show ranked. Last place is 1st & Ten. First place is The Sopranos.

With the festival just a few days away, here is a list of printable Bonnaroo schedules. This year is supposed to be the first to sell out since 2013. Related is this story from the UCF magazine Pegasus: Why I am a festival kid.

Elspeth Diederix’s photo exhibition When Red Disappears explores life on the seabed of the coast of the Netherlands at depths where the color red begin to vanish from the visible spectrum. The photos resemble oil paintings.

Designed to imitate the look of park signs carved using a router, the National Park Typeface has a clean, retro look. And it’s free.