Review: World's Best Whiskeys

Dominic Roskrow’s World’s Best Whiskies is an exceptional example of what a guide to spirits should be. The book is a comprehensive overview of the many types of whiskies available around the world and includes reviews of 750 spirits.

Roskrow looks at each of the major whisky-producing regions of the world and gives a brief and informed history of each, as well as explaining what makes each region special. He then follows up with extensive reviews of spirits that range from those commonly found on store shelves to rare finds.

World’s Best Whiskies (digital galley, Quarto Publishing Group) will help anyone, from those new to whisky to connoisseurs, better appreciate what they are drinking. And most importantly it will help everyone make informed choices about what to buy.

I originally read a digital review copy of the book but have since purchased a hardback for my shelf as it’s the single best whisky guide I’ve seen. Get one for yourself or as a gift for the whisky-lover in your life.