Review: Sometimes I Lie

Amber Reynolds lies in a hospital bed, unresponsive and seemingly in a coma. But Amber can hear everything that is said around her.  She remembers an accident but has trouble unraveling the exact circumstances that put her in the hospital. As she listens to conversations and slowly begins to remember events, Amber becomes suspicious of her husband and others around her.

Sometimes I Lie (Flatiron Books, digital galley) moves between the present and past as Amber tries to piece together her story. But Amber’s narrative is often unreliable and, as the title suggests, everything she shares may not be the absolute truth.

Sometimes I Lie is author Alice Feeney’s debut and she and has many twists in store for readers of this thriller. Books with multiple twists can often be exhausting and frustrating, but Feeney handles the material adeptly and keeps the story moving to its unexpected conclusion.