'Paradox Bound' is a road-trip through time

Paradox Bound reviewWhen a book’s description mentions time travel I’m usually hooked. And because I thoroughly enjoyed Peter Clines’ 14 and The Fold, I enthusiastically jumped into his latest, Paradox Bound (Crown Publishing, digital galley).

This science fiction adventure follows Eli  Teague, a young IT tech who has spent most of his life preparing for the chance that he might again run into a time traveling woman he first encountered as a boy. When she does reappear, he is ready and determined to learn more about her, setting off on a road trip across the country and through history.

I don’t want to give away any of the plot, so I’ll simply say the premise that drives this journey is a little silly for my taste. But putting that aside I enjoyed the time travel aspects of this book as well as the interplay between the two lead characters. The mechanism for traveling through time is rather original and fits nicely in this story, so I’ll also leave it to readers to discover.

Paradox Bound is a fun read that comes to a satisfying conclusion and, as the title promises, paradoxes add interesting twists to the plot.