• 35mm film scanner reviews

    The topic of 35mm film scanners comes up occasionally around the office and in correspondence with Shorpy and Vintagraph readers. The email I receive generally comes from individuals looking for a recommendation of a scanner to archive family photos. Because everyone’s needs and budget are different it’s not easy to make a general recommendation.

  • A trip to Bald Point Florida

    Where Ochlockonee Bay meets Apalachee Bay in the Florida panhandle sits the secluded Bald Point peninsula, an area of scrub oak, pine trees, marshes and white sand beaches. Most of the peninsula is occupied by Bald Point State Park, with a few beachside homes and rental properties scattered along the shore. We made a Spring Break trip there because...

  • Moving past Google Reader

    Google announced yesterday that it will shut down Reader on July 1. It’s hard to believe it only launched in 2005. It feels like I’ve been dependent on it for much longer. The majority of my browsing begins either directly in Reader or on services supported by Reader. Google created the best RSS reader available and topped all competitors....

  • Durango & Silverton Railroad

    My wife and I were skiing at Purgatory in 1994 and rode the Durango & Silverton Railroad as a side trip. It’s well worth doing if you’re in that part of the country, particularly during the winter. The views of snow-covered mountains can’t be beat.This image is from a new scan from a 35mm photo taken during...

  • Upgrading backend for Vintagraph

    I moved Vintagraph to a new backend over the weekend. It’s a big change for us as it takes us from a blogging platform to one designed specifically for storefronts.

  • 1984 Disney Gradnite pamphlet

    [caption id=”attachment_1919” align=”aligncenter” width=”1200”]Disney Gradnite 1984 pamphlet. Disney Gradnite 1984 pamphlet.[/caption]

  • Madison Pike upgrade

    I’ve made a few design changes to Madison Pike to give it a cleaner Dave Winer-like “River of News” appearance. The site is a news aggregator for Madison, Alabama and the new design cuts out extraneous design elements and does away with the larger blog-style headlines in favor of headlines nested within the paragraphs. I...

  • Feeling the Magic

    I traveled to Orlando this past weekend as chaperon with my daughter’s high school choir. I took this photo of a tired man at dusk at the Magic Kingdom. By this point in the day I felt like he looks.

  • Hanging on a prayer

    Painters on the steeple at First United Methodist Church in Huntsville, Alabama.