• Books I read in 2015

    This is a complete list of the book I finished in 2015 and my Goodreads rating. I read 102 books this year. My goal was 80, but once I was underway I picked up some steam and got to more than 100. All of the 4 and 5 star books are highly recommended.

  • What I'm watching: More Than the Rainbow

    Street photographer Matt Weber spent three decades documenting life in New York City. He started by pointing his lens out of his cab window and in the years since he walked the streets catching poignant images of the city’s inhabitants.

  • Using discovery sites to navigate Netflix

    Despite containing many excellent films, it is often difficult to find anything to watch on Netflix. The tools available on the site don’t make it easy to discover the many wonderful movies hidden within its catalog.

  • My new cover photo is Waikiki Beach

    My new cover photo is of the 1975 Wide World of Sports Superteams tug-of-war competition. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Minnesota Vikings met on Waikiki Beach for the showdown. Keith Jackson and O.J. Simpson hosted the show and are talking in the center of the image. My father took the photo.

  • Film types for VueScan film scanners

    If you use VueScan as your negative scanning software – and you should – you will have seen an option on the Color tab to select a negative vendor, brand and type. It’s almost always easy to figure out the vendor (Fuji, for instance). But the brand and type are not always obvious (something like Super G second generation...

  • Alternative blog platforms based on Dropbox

    There are a number of new blogging platforms that make it easy to publish content stored in a online file service, such as Dropbox, as a blog or web site. For the most part editing is done using Mark Down, so no HTML knowledge is necessary. One of the advantages of this method of publishing is you control all...

  • Buying a used FujiFilm X100

    The cost of a new FujiFilm X100 last year was $1299, but now they’re available for less than $700 on the used market. With the release of the updated X100s a couple of months ago the X100 became yesterday’s technology and used prices dropped accordingly.