• Bonnaroo lineup 2017

    The official Bonnaroo lineup 2017 was announced January 11. The June 8-11 festival is headlined by U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd and Chance the Rapper. This list was updated April 5, 2017 to include new additions to the music lineup and to the Comedy Theatre.

  • The Princess Diarist only partly delivers on the title

    I was warned right in the title that Carrie Fisher would share her diary. On that she doesn’t disappoint. But the title kind of promises details about life on the set of the first Star Wars movie. On this The Princess Diarist falls short.

  • Carrie Fisher: I had to comport myself with something approaching dignity

    Had I known it was going to make that loud of a noise, I would’ve dressed better for those talk shows and definitely would have argued against that insane hair (although the hair was, in its own modest way, a big part of that noise). And I certainly wouldn’t have ever just blithely signed away any and all merchandising...

  • Banyan Tree

    [caption id=”attachment_416” align=”aligncenter” width=”1200”]A banyan tree in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. A banyan tree in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.[/caption]

  • Old San Juan journal

    • The harbor at San Juan Bay is a hive of activity. There are cruise ships, sailboats, commercial ships, ferries, seaplanes and regular planes all moving about. If you have the opportunity, grab a coffee or cocktail and sit and watch.
    • The cruise terminal docks are also a hive of activity of a different kind as vendors pitch services and wares.
    • The oldest building...
  • Chef’s love it when customers are willing to pay to eat their garbage.