Norwegian Cruise Line bans Galaxy Note 7 from its ships

Norwegian Cruise Line has sent out an announcement to booked passengers on it ships telling them to leave fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 cellphones behind.

In light of recent safety issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note7, we are asking our guests who own this model to please avoid traveling with this mobile device. The Federal Aviation Administration has banned the Samsung Galaxy Note7 from all air travel, and until further notice, this device will be restricted from all Norwegian Cruise Line, ships.

If Norwegian crew find a Galaxy Note 7 in your cabin they’re taking it.

Fire is one of the greatest threats at sea and due to the safety concerns these devices present, if one is found in a guest’s possession or unattended in a stateroom onboard, our policy instructs the crew to confiscate the device for safekeeping. The device will remain in our possession, in a safe, monitored location, for the duration of the cruise. Guests can reclaim their device at the conclusion of the cruise from the reception desk.