Monopoly killer and other links

Can You Say … “Hero”?

Who goes Nazi?

How to Shoot a Fancy Stop-Motion Commercial on the Cheap

10 Qualities Great Hyperlocal Bloggers Have in Common

What it’s like to be a refugee in America

But will it make you happy?: New research shows money spent on experiences brings more happiness than money spent on belongings.

City of fear: Using cell phones, an organized prison gang launched an attack that shut down Brazil’s largest city last May.

Monopoly killer: Germans are addicted to board games and the Settlers of Catan is said to be the perfect game.

The boy who cried Cal: Kevin Hart deceived coaches, friends and family into believing he was headed to play Division I football.

In your palm, memories of horror and valor: The Explore 9/11 app, which has already been downloaded 100,000 times, is a guided tour around the perimeter of the World Trade Center site, narrated by the people who lived through it all.

The real Facebook burglaries story: The bottom line for both companies is that trust is essential and cases such as these can ruin trust and eventually ruin companies if we cannot depend on them. In the first case, media blew up a story for effect. In the second case, a dangerous vulnerability is revealed.

No, you are not ‘running late’, you are rude and selfish: In recent years it seems that a meeting to set start at 9 am, for some people means in the general vicinity of any time which starts with the numeral ‘9’. Like 9.30 for example. People drift in at 9.10 or 9.20, or even later. And they smile warmly at the waiting group, as they unwrap their bacon sandwich, apparently totally unconcerned that others have been there since five TO nine, prepared and ready to start.

Dead for a century, Mark Twain says what he meant

Disliking the public

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