How to word graduation announcements for commencements canceled due to COVID-19

School graduations are upon us and if you, like me, are ordering announcements you realize a few changes need to be made to the wording due to commencement ceremonies being canceled or postponed because of COVID-19.

In lieu of a commencement date and location you can just say the student will be graduating “in two thousand twenty.” But I prefer the more specific, “at the conclusion of the spring semester two thousand twenty.”

Because COVID-19 is a global event understood by everyone, you don’t need to go into the specific details for the ceremony being canceled. Just leave the focus on the student and their achievement.

Here is a sample university announcement:

The President, the Faculty
The Graduating Class
Auburn University
College of Sciences and Mathematics
Announce the Graduation of
Jane Doe
at the Conclusion
of the Spring Semester
Two Thousand Twenty
with a
Bachelor of Science Degree in
Applied Mathematics