How to read 100 books a year

We’re still early in the New Year when people are actively pursuing resolutions. “Reading more” often shows up on lists and I thought I’d share a proven method for reading 100 books a year. There are just three steps, and if you follow them you’ll be well on your way:

  1. Always be reading a printed book and listening to an audiobook.
  2. Read at least 50 pages every day in the printed book and listen to the audiobook whenever you can (doing chores, driving, walking).
  3. Immediately stop reading any book you’re not enjoying.

This method worked for me for five years, until Covid threw me off of my groove. And point #3 above is critical. Slogging your way through books you don’t like is a great method for reading about 10 books a year.

It really is a simple as following these three steps. It’s a commitment and it means choosing reading over other activities, like watching TV, YouTube or doom scrolling through social media. But just know that it can be done if you want to do it.