Friday morning coffee reads

A weekly compendium of interesting articles. Grind, brew, sip and enjoy.

  1. Inside the booming black market for Spotify playlists.
  2. Why disco should be taken seriously.
  3. A video trip through 1911 New York City. The playback speed is corrected and that makes the video come alive.
  4. What you get with a $150,000 vacation package.
  5. Is British English Conquering America, or Vice Versa?
  6. The fate of the $100 laptop.
  7. Disney is building a Netflix rival.
  8. An extra wine of glass a day will shorten your life by 30 minutes. Related: Did drinking give me breast cancer?
  9. Dog rescuers, flush with donations, buy animals from the breeders they scorn.
  10. Jamie Livingston’s one Polaroid a day project is now a book.