Friday morning coffee reads

Friday forenoon features for curious coffee connoisseurs.

  1. Portlandia is being blamed for the death of old Portland. “‘Portlandia was the moment something shifted and a new kind of person started showing up in Portland, who wasn’t the same kind of hearty doer, but more of a spectator who wants to be entertained by a city,’ said Carye Bye, a former Portland-based artist.”
  2. Remembering when artists had day jobs.
  3. When does a work of art violate the subject’s rights?
  4. Trade is not a job killer. “Fears of losing jobs to trade are inconsistent with our larger embrace of innovation and competition. More ominously, given that trade-induced job losses are a tiny portion of all job losses, such fears are wildly overblown — so much so that they now have America and the world on the brink of a potentially calamitous trade war.”
  5. The world’s best hitchhiker shares the secrets of his success.
  6. Amazon Prime’s streaming numbers are out, and they’re surprisingly underwhelming. You can dig deeper into the numbers in this Reuters story.
  7. Waffle House uses these secret emergency menus during disasters, when the power and water go out.
  8. This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you.
  9. The FBI agent who can’t stop thinking about Waco. “A quarter century after 82 Branch Davidians and 4 federal officers were killed, Byron Sage is still arguing about what happened.”