DeMille introduces a new character in 'The Cuban Affair'

Key West charter boat captain Daniel “Mac” MacCormick is made an offer he has every intention of refusing: Sail his boat to Cuba under the guise of a fishing tournament and recover cash and documents hidden during the revolution. But the lure of a $2 million payday is more than he can resist, and he takes the bait.

The Cuban Affair review

The Cuban Affair (Simon & Schuster, digital galley) introduces us to MacCormick, a retired Army infantry officer with combat experience in Afghanistan. With a boat loan he can barely handle, he is the perfect recruit for a dangerous mission dreamed up by anti-Castro groups.

While his first mate sails his boat to Cuba for the tournament, MacCormick flies to Havana with the beautiful Cuban-American Sara Ortega as part of a Yale University cultural trip. If all goes as planned, MacCormick, Ortega and the money will be aboard his boat headed back to Key West in just a few days. But seasoned combat veteran MacCormick knows no battle plan survives contact with the enemy and as soon as they set foot on Cuban soil the mission’s success is cast in doubt.

Nelson DeMille is in top form with this latest work and delivers his familiar biting humor and quick pacing. Researched on a cultural trip DeMille himself took to Cuba, the novel is filled with insights into life in a police state. At a time when relations between the United States and Cuba are beginning a slow thaw, DeMille offers a look at the troubled history shared between the countries.

Featured image: Detail of Cuba, Holiday Isle of the Tropics poster from Vintagraph.