Buying a used FujiFilm X100

The cost of a new FujiFilm X100 last year was $1299, but now they’re available for less than $700 on the used market. With the release of the updated X100s a couple of months ago the X100 became yesterday’s technology and used prices dropped accordingly.

Fortunately for bargain shoppers the X100 is just as wonderful a camera today as it was in 2012. And it’s made even more attractive by it’s lower price. Reviewers said of the X100: “The image quality it returns at the end of the day is nothing short of superb;” “Couple always-fantastic images with the world’s smallest real camera, and you see why I love it so much;” and “What the X100 has is a combination of looks, size, performance and technology all wrapped up into one classic and sexy well built design.”

The X100 is now selling for about $680 on eBay, but you can find better deals. I bought one in good shape for $560. On Amazon’s used marketplace they’re selling for around $700-$780. Of course there are other great used camera deals, with earlier models of the Olympus PEN and Sony NEX cameras going for a fraction of what they cost new. And these cameras did and continue to produce wonderful photos.

It’s a good time to be a digital camera buyer.

X100 sample photoFlowers at nursery. Huntsville, Alabama. May 2013. Shot with FujiFilm X100.