Poll daddy and other links

PollDaddy: Create online surveys and polls.

Posterous: Posterous lets you post things online fast using email.

The trolls among us

Criminal Searches: Free criminal searches on anyone. You are your own P.I. now.

The Power of Mao, Multiplied

Old Meets New in Bespoke Racer

Bamboo Mountain Bike: Calfee Design’s bamboo-frame mountain bike reduces its carbon footprint by doing away with its carbon-fiber frame. $2,695 gets you a ride.

A Glut of One-Bedroom New York Apartments. Time To Buy?

Hack a security camera with a helium balloon: An ingenious way to thwart a security camera.

Easy Tweets: “You can use it to post to and switch between multiple Twitter accounts in seconds, check replies, and track new followers.”

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High-tech pranks and other links

The 25 Best High-Tech Pranks: Don’t be fooled again.

How to Balance 17 Dominoes on One Domino: Watch the video to learn how.

Foxmarks: Now that Google browser sync has been abandoned, I’m looking at Foxmarks as a replacement.

How to nap

Twitter trumps NBC on Tim Russert’s death

Confessions of a Wi-Fi thief

Couples and pairs are prohibited from using this Holy Place and its steps for their merriment

Camp Vulcan Flag

KenBooth: I was honored that our office was presented today with a flag that flew over Camp Vulcan, Afghanistan. Thanks Mike

This flag, which flew over Camp Vulcan in Afghanistan, was presented to our office today by Mike Tomberlin, a Field Artillery Major in the Alabama Army National Guard, who just returned from a year-long tour in Afghanistan. Mike posted regular updates on his experiences in his Yellowhammering Afghanistan blog on al.com.