‘The Heart’s Invisible Furies’ is an ambitious story of one man’s life

Cyril Avery is adopted at birth and raised by eccentric and well-to-do parents who make it clear that he is not a real Avery. Nonetheless he perseveres, practically raising himself in their sprawling Dublin mansion. The ambitious novel The Heart’s Invisible Furies (Hogarth Press, digital galley) follows Avery’s entire life from the 1940s to the present day.

While away at school Avery comes to the realization that he is gay.  But given the mores of the day, he keeps that fact to himself. The novel begins and ends in Ireland and a large part of the plot deals with the fact that Ireland is unsympathetic, if not overtly cruel, to gay men. One doctor tells him there are not any gay men in Ireland.

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A hike to the Walls of Jericho

On Sept. 2, 2017, I hiked the Walls of Jericho from the Alabama trial head in Jackson County, Alabama, with my brother in law and my dog. The hike is a strenuous 6 miles round trip and leads to the headwaters of the Paint Rock River. At the end of the hike is a large natural stone amphitheater which usually has at least a small flow of water running through it, feeding a series of waterfalls.

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Daily Miscellany: Is ‘buying local’ even possible?

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