Best thing I read today:

“The world is changing. Some people are hip to it, others are not. If you want to be able to afford groceries in five years, I’d recommend listening closely to the former and avoiding the latter.”

— From Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod.

Hyper-local news blog is up and running

I got back from 4-day trip to Ohio this week and immediately started work on a hyper-local news blog, Madison Pike. Setting up aggregation of local news sources was easy. I also located a WordPress plugin that lets me easily turn any post into a calendar event. So by pulling in a feed of city hall news items, for example, I can immediately turn their announcement of a commission meeting into a calendar event. Slick. But trying to pull in other local resources it turning out to be more of a challenge. Read more

Colorized photos, we got ’em

What started out as a novelty from a couple of visitors to Shorpy has grown into a rather large collection of colorized photos. We now have 96 photos in the gallery and a few more in the wings waiting to be posted. It’s interesting that the first few colorized photos that were shared on the site inspired a number of other people to start taking a crack at it. The quality varies, but a number are quite well done. The comments on a few of the photos have also become heated as people attack or defend the practice of altering historic images. The consensus seems to be, “let people have some fun.”

Featured photo: Original photo “Daughters of a Tygart Valley” by John Vachon. Colorized by “motobean” and courtesy of

Cost of doing business and other links

The NPAA Cost of Doing Business Calculator. Targeted at photographers, but useful for any small business owner.

On the iPad: “If I had an iPad rather than a real computer as a kid, I’d never be a programmer today.”

Two Fast Ways to Apply Develop Settings to Multiple Photos in Lightroom

35 Beautiful E-Commerce Websites

What the Web of Tomorrow Will Look Like: 4 Big Trends to Watch

Being an expert takes time, not talent

Top Camera of 2009: Contributors pick their favorite

The Disrupted of Davos

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Poll daddy and other links

PollDaddy: Create online surveys and polls.

Posterous: Posterous lets you post things online fast using email.

The trolls among us

Criminal Searches: Free criminal searches on anyone. You are your own P.I. now.

The Power of Mao, Multiplied

Old Meets New in Bespoke Racer

Bamboo Mountain Bike: Calfee Design’s bamboo-frame mountain bike reduces its carbon footprint by doing away with its carbon-fiber frame. $2,695 gets you a ride.

A Glut of One-Bedroom New York Apartments. Time To Buy?

Hack a security camera with a helium balloon: An ingenious way to thwart a security camera.

Easy Tweets: “You can use it to post to and switch between multiple Twitter accounts in seconds, check replies, and track new followers.”

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