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Alternative blog platforms based on Dropbox

There are a number of new blogging platforms that make it easy to publish content stored in a online file service, such as Dropbox, as a blog or web site. For the most part editing is done using Mark Down, so no HTML knowledge is necessary. One of the advantages of this method of publishing is you control all of your content in your account and it is very simple to get a new site up and running. Because the sites use mark down, any files you create for one platform can easily be moved to a new platform for publishing. Continue reading

A trip to Bald Point Florida

Where Ochlockonee Bay meets Apalachee Bay in the Florida panhandle sits the secluded Bald Point peninsula, an area of scrub oak, pine trees, marshes and white sand beaches. Most of the peninsula is occupied by Bald Point State Park, with a few beachside homes and rental properties scattered along the shore. We made a Spring Break trip there because dogs are allowed on the non-State Park beaches of Bald Point and Alligator Point. Continue reading

1984 Disney Gradnite pamphlet

Disney Gradnite 1984 pamphlet.
Disney Gradnite 1984 pamphlet.

I found this 1984 Disney Gradnite pamphlet while decluttering the house.

My wife and I were both students in Florida ant attended Disney’s Gradnite ’84 at the same time with our high schools. But we didn’t meet until a few years later in college.

Performers were Night Ranger, Dazz Band, Dwight Twilley, Exile and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Inside of Disney Gradnite 1984 pamphlet.
Inside of Disney Gradnite 1984 pamphlet.

Madison Pike upgrade

I’ve made a few design changes to Madison Pike to give it a cleaner Dave Winer-like “River of News” appearance. The site is a news aggregator for Madison, Alabama and the new design cuts out extraneous design elements and does away with the larger blog-style headlines in favor of headlines nested within the paragraphs. I started with Automatic’s relatively new P2 WordPress theme and made a few modifications, including using Google Web Fonts for the masthead. Continue reading

Snow day

On Monday, while it was still snowing in Madison, we decided to walk from our neighborhood down to a nearby shopping center. For part of the walk we were shadowed by another adventurous soul. There were not many people out that day and we saw very few drivers on the road. The snowfall of about 8″ was enough to shut the city down for several days and keep the kids out of school for the entire week.

Shoe ball

I ran across this guy trying to climb a palm tree on the University of Florida campus last Saturday. He was actually making a good go of it, but finally had to give up and drop to the ground. It turns out he was trying to retrieve a football and shoe from the branches. His buddy started hurling his remaining shoe to try to dislodge the other two. When we walked by later the tree was empty, so they figured something out.