GE wall-mounted refrigerator history

Ge wall mounted refrigerator.
GE wall-mounted refrigerator
This photo on Flickr shows a working unit in a kitchen in Excelsior Springs, MO.

I was talking with my mother-in-law in 2012, getting her to reminisce about some of her past homes when she mentioned a house in St. Louis in the late 1950s that had a hanging refrigerator. Stop, back up, “let’s talk some more about this refrigerator, Mom.” Yes, she says, it was as neat as it sounds but it had a worrisome habit of not working all of the time. This came with the added complication of having to be removed from the wall to be repaired. We’ll file this under the category of good in concept, bad in execution. She was most likely describing the GE wall-mounted refrigerator.

GE wall-mounted refrigerator
GE wall-mounted refrigerator and matching cabinets. The left two compartments of the unit are the refrigerator. The right side is the freezer and the compressor sits on top.

The GE wall-mounted refrigerator at left was part of a set being sold in Indianapolis. It gives you a good idea of what one looked like from the outside. The GE at the top of this post shows the refrigerator in its teal glory, though it also appeared frequently in salmon. The left two compartments are the refrigerator, the far right is the freezer and the compressor sits on top. And, of course, I should have known that one of the brilliant commenters on Shorpy had already touched on the topic, supplying the image above.

GE wall-mounted refrigerator
The inside of the GE wall-mounted refrigerator.

This poor artifact at right was being sold on Craigslist and gives you a look at the inside of a unit.There is not a lot of information online about the GE wall-mounted refrigerator, but it seems to have been GE Model LW11P with dimensions of 64 inches wide, 39.5 inches tall and 17.5 inches deep. I was also able to track down a few images of the unit and have included thumbnails in this post. Click on a thumbnail to go to the original image and related information.

3/28/2017 Update: This article used to be hosted on Vintagraph, but because of the personal nature I decide to move it and the comments here. The original post was from 2012. I hope this gives the topic some new life.

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  1. My wife, Karen and I just purchased a home with a GE kitchen. The refrigerator is wall mounted (white), sliding glass cabinets below for storage. All cabinets in kitchen are metal magnet latches. We have lots of fun asking visitors to get something from, or put something into, the frig. Have yet to have someone say they have seen before.

  2. My parents own one, it is still working but will need a new compressor soon. They bought it in 1958. Having a hard time finding parts or someone to work on it.

  3. I have one of these units along with a matchnig built-in oven, both teal in color.Both are in mint condition and work great. I’m looking for a buyer or a trade for a vintage coke machine.ThanksEddie

  4. My parents have that hanging refrigerator in turquoise (teal?). We are selling their house and need to replace it or fix it. Do you have one available? They also have the built in turquoise oven and built in turquoise cooktop range. Their house was built in the 50’s.Sandy Oct. 18, 2009

  5. We have a teal wall-mounted GE refrigerator that still works fine. We’ve had the house for 9 years and have decided to update the kitchen so we’re talking it out. I want a bigger fridge but I’m sorry to see it go.

      1. Amy, we are finally redoing our 1955 kitchen and have a hanging refrigerator available. It was salmon but the previous owners painted it orange. It doesn’t work but it’s in great shape.
        –Sue Byrne (

  6. I have one of the wall mounts in bright yellow. anyone out there have a service manual that they would like to share?

  7. We have this refrigerator in brown above our counter. Matching side by side ovens.They were original with the house from 1956.

  8. Hi, I have an aqua unit with matching wall oven, and need a compressor! Also anyone in the Detroit area who might be capable of working on it. It’s in otherwise perfect condition and intend to keep using it. Any help for parts would be appreciated. Jeff-

  9. My mother has an aqua colored one in her Mississippi kitchen. It hasn’t worked for years, but I would like to find out where you can by the compressors for it. Right now she just uses it as a cabinet, but I absolutely adore the idea of a hanging refrigerator and would love to have it repaired to working order again. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be any repairmen out there that know how to deal with it.

  10. We have the baby blue model. Our home was built in 1949 and it worked great for 10 years. And, now on it’s 61st year the thermostat is dead. We need to tap it to get it to engage again. Any help or ideas would be great! We are in Sunnyvale, CA.

  11. R & I have a wall mount horizontal refrigerator/freezer that I tested yesterday 07/04/2010 and it still gets down to 9.5F in the freezer and about 38F in the refrigerator. I had it in the yard on pegboard with the sun shining on it. It has not been used in at least 9 – 10 years and still works well with the compressor and fan so quiet, it could not be heard 10 feet away.We have found that it is not large enough for our needs and would offer it for sale. We were offered $4500 for it when we bought the house in 1998, but did not take the potential buyer up on the offer. We have Youngstown cabinets to offer as well, both wall and floor, most with original part and serial numbers still on the cabinets.Reason for selling: we are both older and my physical condition is not getting better. We need to refurbish the kitchen with cabinets that have pull-out drawers and better cabinet access.We welcome interested buyers. Please feel free to email us with questions or offers. Thanks!!!

  12. We have the yellow version along with the matching oven and stovetop. (The dishwasher had to be replaced several years ago.) We are remodeling our kitchen and want to know if there is an interest in purchasing these appliances before we throw them away. Any suggestions?

  13. We’ve got a pink one much like the one in the picture. Works great, small rust spot on the bottom. Sadly, the seals have gotten so bad I can’t use it anymore. If I can’t find anyone to make seals for me I’m seriously considering selling it.

  14. I have a pink verson with matching oven, both mint condition and I am willing to sell. They came with the 1950’s house I just bought and the previous owners were still using them. email me if interested

  15. We have a refrigerator that looks just like the Flickr picture of the copper unit. It still works but we have remodeled our kitchen and are looking to sell the unit. We also have a matching electric cooktop. Please send e-mail to if interested.

      1. I just bought a house in tucson that has a wall refrigerator. I don’t know anything about it but need to take it out. Let me know if your interested. Terry_art@

        1. Send me a photo of the outside and the inside (all doors open) and I will let you know if I’m interested.
          Thanks! 407-252-6480 John

      2. Hi Amy , My name is Marty , I have a G.E refrigerator in good running order. I have had it for 10 years and i need to sell it , it is white with teal interior . If you are interested , let me know .You can reach me at Thanks Amy

      3. Hi Amy, I have one of these, it is white and works awesome , i would be willing to sell it , drop me a line if you are still looking for one .

  16. I live in Denver and am having a new compressor installed in my 1956 aqua one tommorrow. It came with the house and we moved it and incorporated it into our kitchen remodel 5 years ago. We use it as our “beverage” refrigerator. Before the compressor blew we had to have it re-charged every few years to keep it cool.

  17. I have one of the wall mounts, orginally in yellow, but someone before me painted it black. It’s a great conversation piece! It still works—freezer is great, but fridge portion has trouble keeping a cool as it should be. I am remodeling the kitchen and would like to sell it to someone interested in repairing or parting it out.

  18. I am in need of a compressor to get my wall mount fridge working. Anyone that has posted that they have this fridge, can you give me info on the compressor? Thanks! Please reply to my email:

  19. I just bought a house in Topeka, KS that has the wall mounted oven and stove top from this series of appliances. Unfortunately the refrigerator is gone, but there is a spot on the kitchen wall where I KNOW it had to be at one time. I need to replace the oven door seal. Does anyone know if parts are still available anywhere for these appliances. When I bought the house, my sister asked me how long I was going to wait to replace the appliances. I told her I would NOT replace them because I LOVE them! Sure hope I can find this oven seal. Thanks.

  20. We have this in our galley kitchen, yellow with a pink interior. It stopped working a few years ago and we just put a regular fridge in the dining room. We would love to remove this but we can’t figure out how! We would love to have someone come and take it down and take it away. It was in good shape but the compressor appeared to stop working. Personally don’t miss having to defrost it. If you are interested in the unit, we are near Berkeley, CA, come and get

  21. I grew up with a navy blue one during the 50 and 60’s……My mom hated it because it would always go out……but I would love to have one now.

  22. We just started a kitchen remodel and have a working GE wall fridge available to anyone who wants to pick it up. We have a second one in unknown condition that’s been sitting in the garage for at least 16 years. We are in Long Beach, CA. Contact me at she-ra-3947-@-hot-mail -.-com (but remove all the dashes!).

  23. I have this wall mounted GE refrigerator as well as a GE oven that matches, color light yellow from around 1954. Both are in working condition, I cook in the oven every day. I’m remodeling my kitchen and putting in new appliances. Please contact me if you are interested. The units will be removed by the kitchen remodel people on 8/16/11 and available for pick up. I live in Marin County, California. Call me at 415-717-3277.

  24. My Mother has the GE LW11P in pink and the compressor just died after all these years. Because her kitchen is small to get a new refrig would require a complete kitchen remodel and at 90 yrs. old, she feels the cost/benefit ratio isn’t justified. If anyone knows of where to get the part, pls. advise. We’re in MA. Thanks.

  25. i have a GE Hanging Refrigerator in my kitchen ~ I would love to replace it in kind or have it restored as it doesn’t really work as well as it once did but the entire 1955 Campbell & Wong kitchen island is designed around it. of course i have brand new refrigerrators in addition to this. but i’d really like to find someone to restore it ;)a great concept and design: too bad it didn’t really catch on.GE quit making it decades ago.

  26. I purchased a house that has the pink wall mount fridge and matching pink wall oven in the kitchen. The fridge is in excellent condition but compressor does not work. The interior lights work…just not the fridge & freezer. The wall oben is immaculate. Including broiler pan. Both for sale as I plan on a complete kitchen remodel in about two months. If interested drop me a line with your email address & I will supply pix. Dont know what they are worth…so make me an offer. The units are located in Central PA -Blair County

  27. I have the wall mounted refrigerator in Salmon color. Just bought the house and the electric is not on yet to test it…. I also have the dish washer- same vintage. if anyone is interested, shoot me an e-mail:alwoermann@yahoo.comI am 50 miles north of New York city.I plan to renovate the kitchen soon and will prob be listing it on e-bay.

  28. I used to have the GE wall mount fridge in turquoise blue. would love to have another one. Does anyone have one for sale? Would love to have a vintage kitchen back.

  29. I have one of these GE wall refrigerators in the brown/copper color with pink interior. It was in the home I bought 25 years ago being used as a bar fridge. I turned it off a long time ago but am considering using it in a small weekend place we’re renovating. Has anyone found parts or repair info on this unit?

    1. These wall refrigerators are actually simply hung from the top on the back side. You have to slightly lift up and it should come out easily. I watched a repairman pull my grandparents off the wall to service it as a child. Good luck:)

  30. Anyone know how to remove one of these refrigerators? I see the top straps but nothing from the bottom, am I missing something?

    1. The wall mount hangs from a metal bracket behind the top of the refrigerator, like a painting. It’s extremely heavy. You need a few strong people to get it down. We used exterior pliywood and a car jack to get it down.

    2. You should be able to simply lift up slightly and unhook it from the mounting bracket. I watched a serviceman take my grandparents off the wall as a child in order to service it. I read up on these a few years ago and found out that there is an outfit that refurbishes them so that the old coolant is then replaced with up to date acceptable stuff. Sorry, it’s been awhile and I’ve forgotten what the coolants are called. Just letting you know so that if you decide to get ride of yours, you won’t throw it away. They are a commodoty to those of us who still love them:). Have a great day!

  31. I recently salvaged a matched set of Harvest Gold GL appliances from a house frozen in time since 1959. I have the wall mounted refrigerator, the stove top and wall oven. I am gutting the nasty old 1980’s kitchen in my 1960 cape cod to include these appliances all mounted in new retro cabinetry. This wasn’t originally my plan but these appliances were all mint and working perfectly so I’m going for it.

  32. Hi, there is one of these hanging on the wall of my kitchen right now. Yellow exterior and pink interior. I bought the house 7 years ago. The neighbors told me it works but I think the previous owners cut the power cord or something. I never took it off the wall but it’s coming off in the next month or so. We are remodeling. If anyone wants to buy it make me an offer.
    The wall bracket is included.
    Thanks, Jack

  33. Hi
    I have a white with pink interior that is no longer cooling property
    Has anyone ever had one repaired
    I am in central Florida

  34. I finally found one in the Philadelphia area. We drove 8 hours each way to get it, brought it home, waited 24 hours, plugged it in, and it doesn’t work. Now I have to comb the ends of the earth to find a refrigeraton expert to get it running again. I will have to employ that same post war pastel colored optimism, along with the sheer determination it took to find this brown bomb to have it hanging on my wall operational to enjoy for years to come. Fun stuff !!!

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