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Warren Dunes State Park

Warren Dunes State Park on the shore of Lake Michigan. May 8, 2016.

This is a pretty amazing place and well worth the visit if you’re in the area. Be sure to do the full hiking loop for the best experience. We practically had the place to ourselves on our visit.

My new cover photo is Waikiki Beach

My new cover photo is of the 1975 Wide World of Sports Superteams tug-of-war competition. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Minnesota Vikings met on Waikiki Beach for the showdown. Keith Jackson and O.J. Simpson hosted the show and are talking in the center of the image. My father took the photo.

Snow day

On Monday, while it was still snowing in Madison, we decided to walk from our neighborhood down to a nearby shopping center. For part of the walk we were shadowed by another adventurous soul. There were not many people out that day and we saw very few drivers on the road. The snowfall of about 8″ was enough to shut the city down for several days and keep the kids out of school for the entire week.

Shoe ball

I ran across this guy trying to climb a palm tree on the University of Florida campus last Saturday. He was actually making a good go of it, but finally had to give up and drop to the ground. It turns out he was trying to retrieve a football and shoe from the branches. His buddy started hurling his remaining shoe to try to dislodge the other two. When we walked by later the tree was empty, so they figured something out.

Camp Vulcan Flag

KenBooth: I was honored that our office was presented today with a flag that flew over Camp Vulcan, Afghanistan. Thanks Mike

This flag, which flew over Camp Vulcan in Afghanistan, was presented to our office today by Mike Tomberlin, a Field Artillery Major in the Alabama Army National Guard, who just returned from a year-long tour in Afghanistan. Mike posted regular updates on his experiences in his Yellowhammering Afghanistan blog on