It’s easy to make homemade yogurt

It’s relatively easy to make yogurt at home without any special tools. After getting a brief demonstration from my uncle, I decided to give it a shot. Although my uncle uses an Instant Pot to incubate the yogurt, I had success with a 1 gallon insulated Coleman jug. The insulated jug is definitely the cheapest way to proceed and for now I don’t see a need to buy a special appliance.
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The new January 2017 cover image

The new header image was shot at the Belle Chevre Cheese Shop and Tasting Room in Elkmont, Alabama. The shop was dog friendly and offered sandwiches, goat cheese and hand made fig ice cream.

The shop sits along the Richard Martin Trail. If you start your hike south or north of town you can stop at the tasting room for lunch before heading back to your car.

Some quotes on the 2017 Bonnaroo lineup

… this year’s lineup resembles that of pop-and-rock-oriented competitors such as Lollapalooza and Coachella. But Bonnaroo’s organizers say they don’t view the festival as tethered to Jerry Garcia guitar solos, and haven’t for many years. ‘We certainly have jam-band roots from the first year, but our goal wasn’t to create a jam-band festival. The goal was always to create a great music festival,’ says Ashley Capps, founder of AC Entertainment, Bonnaroo’s founding promoter.

Why Bonnaroo Might Not Seem Very Hippie-Friendly This Year | Billboard

Just so many people in that lineup, and it’s all different types of genres, too, so you feel extra cool being included,” Cam said of being added to the [Bonnaroo] lineup. “It feels like it’s going to be an epic kind of moment, and the whole band, everyone’s kind of peeing themselves that this is what we get to do.

Cam Talks 1st Bluebird Cafe Performance, Bonnaroo Lineup – Story

I think the challenge across the board is trying to do what we tried to do with Bonnaroo from the beginning and create an experience that stands apart from other festival experiences. Part of that is having a unique lineup, and part of it is about simply the experience of being on the site — the full immersion of camping and being together, living in a community for the weekend.

Bonnaroo Co-Producer Ashley Capps Talks Booking U2, Partnering With Live Nation and More

Think again before faking your own drowning

In Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud author Elizabeth Greenwood recounts several stories of individuals attempting, with varying results, to fake their own deaths. As it turns out, it’s a hard thing to do successfully and there are many ways in which such attempts frequently fail.

(Hint: If you want to fake your death, pass on drowning. Bodies are almost always recovered and it’s suspicious when they’re not.)

There are some interesting facts in the book about death fraud but, unfortunately, not enough to fill even this short, 246 page book. The author fluffs out the narrative with too many stories about how and where she met her sources. The book would have been better presented as a series of magazine articles.

Does Uber make cities safer?

Allowing ride sharing in a city likely reduces the number of DUIs, fatal accidents and arrests for assault. But automobile thefts go up, presumably of cars left at bars overnight by Uber customers.

Using a unique panel of over 150 cities and counties from 2010 through 2013, we investigate whether the introduction of the ride-sharing service, Uber, is associated with changes in fatal vehicle crashes and crime. We find that Uber’s entry lowers the rate of DUIs and fatal accidents. For most specifications, we also find declines in arrests for assault and disorderly conduct. Conversely, we observe an increase in vehicle thefts.

Ride-Sharing, Fatal Crashes, and Crime by Angela K. Dills and Sean E. Mulholland

So he switched to whisky

The day before he was due to go home Roger and I decided to have a word with Eric [Clapton]’s doctor about his drinking. We pleaded with him to tell Eric he mustn’t drink, explained the situation, told him how much he habitually drank, and how worried we were. The doctor told Eric it was fine to have the odd drink, but he wasn’t to drink a whole bottle of brandy. Eric saw this as the green light. He mustn’t drink a whole bottle of brandy…so he switched to whisky.

— Pattie Boyd, writing about living with an addicted partner in Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me